Adult Elective Sunday School Classes; January 5 - February 23

Creating a Vision Board

Facilitator:  Aimee Weishaupt         Location:  Room 6/7

Come to this class for a time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to this coming year.  During this class we will take time to reflect, journal, watch videos, talk with each other, set goals, and of course create a vision board.

The Enneagram

Facilitator:  Janice Troyer               Location:  Fellowship Hall

Join us for an 8-week introductory study to the enneagram.  The enneagram is a system of personality typing that points out patterns in people based on how they see the world and manage their emotions.  Whether you are already familiar with the enneagram or its brand new to you, come learn more about yourself as we dive into the book “The Road Back to You” by Ian Cron & Suzanne Stabile.  

The Seven Money Types by Tommy Brown

Facilitator:  Rex Hochstedler         Location:  Room 3

True financial well-being involves more than getting out of debt and accumulating wealth. It’s about discovering how you’re wired by God, and how that wiring influences the way you think about, feel toward, and handle money.
Discovering your money type – whether you are an Abraham (hospitality), an Isaac (discipline), a Jacob (beauty), a Joseph (connection), a Moses (endurance), an Aaron (humility), or a David (leadership) – will bring greater self-awareness, reduce internal financial tension, help you resolve financial conflict with others, and help you grow financially from a faith-based perspective. As you walk with Pastor Brown through the Scriptures, you’ll find holistic financial pathways that lead you to a place of increased awareness and confidence related to money.

Honoring God Bible Study

Facilitator:  Dan Haarer                   Location:  Room 2

Come explore ways of honoring God through worship.  The Old Testament sessions recall how David and Solomon honored God by establishing the center of worship in Jerusalem and building the temple. The New Testament sessions focus on Jesus’ teachings about right attitudes that honor God through worship. All are welcome to join the class!

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