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We partner with several local agencies that are doing work we believe in and can get behind.  We extend financial support to all, and volunteer support to some, of the following organizations:


  • Anabaptist Disabilities Network - ADN networks with field professionals to offer resources to congregations and other organizations who want to be more inclusive to those who are differently abled.

  • Jail Ministry of Elkhart County - Sharing grace, love, and mercy through the gospel of Jesus with the inmates of the Elkhart County jail system is what this chaplaincy program does in various ways.




  • Center for Community Justice - CCJ became the first organization in the country to approach crime through restorative justice and their victim-offender reconciliation program.

  • Church Community Servicespartners with congregations, organizations, and individuals to foster a community of care where the hungry are fed, the poor receive good news, all have shelter, and people are empowered on their journey toward a better quality of life.

  • Goshen Ministerial Emergency Fund - an active effort by Goshen area congregations aimed at providing financial resources to Goshen residents for emergency needs otherwise unmet through other area agencies. This fund offers a way for congregations to walk alongside low-income people in Goshen and to build relationship with them. To find out if funds are available, call 534-2300.

  • The Windowa faith based ministry that offers meals and support for those with limited incomes.

  • Center for Healing & Hope - cares for the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of patients, and works to integrate them into the local network of healthcare and social service resources.

  • LaCasa Help-A-House - a unique effort that connects volunteers and donations with eligible projects in the City of Goshen that supports safe, attractive, and affordable housing. The Help-A-House work day takes place the second Saturday in May.


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